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From Coco:

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop to see my home furnishings collection.

As most of you know, back in 2008, I started my interior design blog, COCOCOZY - I had 88 visitors to the blog in that first month and I was thrilled. With thousands of readers now joining me every day on the blog today and millions of page visits annually, I am still just as thrilled but am having even more of a blast exploring the world of interior design, architecture and even fashion with all of them. Also, over 100,000 daily followers on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Email/RSS have truly inspired me as I have gone on this exciting design adventure of blogging and starting my home furnishings collection.

I go by my nickname, Coco (my grandmother called me Coco from day I was born I think). I was born and raised in Los Angeles - this is my home town.

For college, I went to the northeast. After working in New York for a bit, I ended up in D.C. for law school (yes, I am a licensed attorney too - don't practice but am licensed). Over the years, I've worked as a television news reporter, a news producer, an entertainment producer, a network entertainment creative programming executive and now I work on the business side of entertainment here in Los Angeles.

I've been back in L.A. for sometime now. I decided to stay after I bought my tiny little cottage in the Hollywood Hills - an oooohhhh so small but cute little tiny "housette" nestled in the hills above the city...hence the cozy part of COCOCOZY.

In October 2009, about a year and half after starting the blog, I decided I wanted to take my love for design to the next level and launch my own line of linen pillows, home accessories and furniture. The design and development process took over a year (as I juggled job, blog, new business) and in January 2011, I finally launched the COCOCOZY home furnishings collection.  Here on the COCOCOZY shop site you can see the fruits of my labor. I hope you like!

My style is a mix...fresh feeling space...lots of different textures...dark rich brown, white walls, green and a pop of turquoise blue is my favorite color combination...modern and traditional furnishings and accesories combined. There is definitely a COCOCOZY style...but it is a living breathing style that is open to new ideas and new concepts...always!

So I am not a professional interior decorator or design expert - just someone who likes anything to do with house and home. Hopefully, I can help my family, friends and some strangers find cool things, give them some inspiration and maybe make them laugh a little too!

I so appreciate all of you who read the blog and also really appreciate those of you who are visiting the shop!

Look forward to continuing the design conversation with you!


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